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Second Hand Boats and Bits for Sale:

10th September 2017. 1000hrs

This list reflects the data that the Sth Australian Heron Sailing Asscn has been supplied
and is a service which is available to all heron owners whether members or not!

Your notification on when a boat has been sold and the new owners contact details is appreciated.... Contact the Publicity Officer,
so that the advert on this page can be removed. Also it is incumbent upon the purchaser to view the goods and satisfy themselves as to quality and condition.

If you know of any boats, that need to be on this list, please contact the Publicity Officer
or if you are looking for a boat you can also ring or fax 8357 4202 for further details.

"Get that Heron out of the Garage and onto the water"
"Especially for the current Season, the sailing is great!"

We welcome your digital photos but please try to keep to abt 100 k max size,

This listing is dependent on buyers and sellers notifying (PLEASE!)

the Association when a boat has been sold or purchased respectively with new owners contact details.
Thank you

Heron "Heron "

Sold Sold Sold
Wow the success of this site, check sales history below!
We'd like to now offer assistance to and see and hear from the new owners! and get these boats back on the water, JOIN the Fun! sailing a Heron!

Pick up one of the following soon and get into the season! This time of year, the weather gets better?
. .
FOOTNOTE: Have you ever thought SA boats are too expensive!
Well think again, some of our best boats have been snapped up by Interstaters, while we comtemplate the situation!
h3> Boats wanted for New heroners This spot is available to take your
......FREE ad....!...
Contact the Publicity Officer,

....... more coming! enquire of the Association as to which boats may soon becoming available!!! /03/2016

10128 “Mickey Mouse”

Craftsman Built by Peter Nicholson
is still competitive on weight
and in good condition.
Has gold spar mast and boom, two gaffs and spare mast.
Sails are in good condition and has big jib used one regatta.

with Beach dolly. ( trailer not included )

Contact Bronte
PH. 0428 834 820

15/ 4/2017, / /2017

9402 “ GUP B ”

Fun sailing, Gaff Rigged , Grp Hull
• Registered Trailer with spare wheel
• Beach Trolley
• Two sets of sails
• Paddle
• Whisper pole etc
Is stored in a locked garage in Blackwood.
Ready to sail but would benefit from a bit of pre season TLC.

Priced to sell $2,200.00

Contact Chris Lewin 0434 361 134

updated 1/5 /2017 / /2017

7659 (on sails) "Iolanthe"

A much loved plywood Heron
Stored undercover <

It is on a steel (reverse tow) trailer (unregistered) with 2 new wheels
and, while it good do with a bit of paint etc, was perfectly seaworthy when last sailed
It has a mainsail, jib and two paddles.

$1300 or best offer

Rob Morrison
(08)8339 3790

4/12/2016 updated / /2016

7651 “La Lune (ex "Tekin") ”

Ready to sail
- 3 sets of sails
Alloy mast
- spare -
. .boom
. .rudder
. .mask + gaff
- with beach trolley

comes with registered 6x4 trailer

Asking $1,750
call Colm on 0473 649 182

updated / /2016 23/9/2016

10230 " Little red hen"

Full GRP hull and deck
Gaff and new Bermuda rigs.
2 sets of sails UK and Binks.

Alloy beach trolley
Asking $4000.00
Contact Tim 0438 818 916.

09/07/2016 / /2016

8950 "Minnimax"

"A pretty boat "
with 2 sails (a gaff rigged mainsail and a roller jib)
on a registered steel trailer.
HULL has been sanded and painted in recent years, and hasn’t been in the water since.
The boat is housed in a locked garage, and is ready to sail.
Built in the 1970s, and we've owned her since the late 1990s.
Lots and lots of fun has been had on this delightful boat! Our kids grew up and now she needs some new ones!! :-)


For further details:-
Contact : Fiona on 0404 700 655
The boat is at Goolwa.

11/02/2017 / /2017

A couple of herons, coming up for sale
these are not "project boats"

one (a "unique" glass hull and classic ply deck "measures A class")
undergoing winter maintenance,

and the other, in final stages of refurbishment
(A classic timber hull Fully varnished inside and out),
and will be available only to someone who will sail her at a heron club!

phone : 8357 4202

10261 “The Slug”

+ Ply Construction – designed and built by Mike Foster and Brien Hennessy
+ Excellent condition
+ One piece aluminium mast (one season old)
+ Aluminium boom with self-launching jib pole (one season old)
+ Foils (one season old)
+ One set of sails (one season old)
+ Aluminium beach / launching trolley
+ Location: Perth, WA.
Regretful sale.
This is a beautiful, competitive boat too good to be locked away. Now selling for another family to enjoy.


Contact Dan or Amanda on 0408-936-322,
or email

09/11/2016 / /2016

tba 'the family heron'

Registerable road trailer
Beach Trolley

Price now $1,500
will consider reasonable offers
Boat is current in PtPirie
Contact Phil on 0408 406 746
W []

20/12/2016 / /2016

10187 'Against All Odds'

Sold It has a new S.A. home

/ updated 30/ 7/2017, final 7 /9 /2017

/ / /2017 / /2017

9476 “ Sea Ya ”

Pics say it all

Worth a close inspection
Phone Wayne
M 0400 382 401,
email :Wayne Hill []

30/7/2017 / /2017

NEW Cat..



6993 . " ex DSOM "


Hull sides (comp)& interior partly stripped back to original varnish.
Deck varnished
Half height rear tank, good hull profile.

Hull, fittings and sails, $ 250
Gabbon Ply for bottom, $ 200 ( 1& 1/2 plus sheets and old bottom for rough template)
Gaboon 9mm ply for new C/bord case $60 (reducing overall weight)
New Western Red for keel $50
All of the above Not being sold seperately,

Contact Ian .0438 844 974

Cradle trailer avail seperately .. neg.
/ /2014

updated / /2016 .. /2015 / /2016

7358 "Puff"

Well made timber Heron, not sailed for 15 years,
but needs some restoration work before going back in the water.
Mainly deterioration due to being left outside under a tarpaulin.
Boat, rigging and 2 sets of sails
Trailer (not registered) with new wheels and tyres
4 adult and 2 child life jackets

Work required:
Boat - Re-coat the 2 pack epoxy coating on hull, re-varnish the decking (or paint)
Rigging - some ropes need replacement
Trailer - Single main draw-bar (50 x 50 Square tubing) rusted and should be replaced (bolted connections)

"must see "

Price $750 or best offer
Contact Greg on 0423 715 464

/ 23/3/2016, final / /2016


Heron Project (Unable to Finish)
"well not so much of a project but finish off" Ed.
Brand new custom built trailer (cost $950) with new tyres
Lots of stainless steel components, Timber chocks west systemed, Spars sanded back ready for varnishing
Custom bow fitting ($160) made by Pro Fab Engineering
Old bow fitting holes filled up with west system (picture of boat standing upright)
Skeg professionally faired down (modernised)
Brand new set of Alegayter sails never taken out of bag (cost $1,140)
Timber hull in excellent condition – minimum weight. Hull has had extensive fairing (microballooning), filler coat and ready for primer
Comes with spare Heron, workshop dolley and various spars

Jobs still to do:
Paint hull, cockpit, deck and blades, Varnish mast
Re-rig with new ropes and blocks, Light bar
Comes with measurement certificate and paperwork
Huge amount of man hours and money has gone into this boat so far. My loss is your gain

- $995.00 (firm)
Located in Port Lincoln SA
Contact: Warren Hood
Ph: 0427 202 721

/ updated / /2017, final / /2017

/ 2/6/2017 / /2017


7352 " Tarhgee "

She looks a bit dirty (stored for years)
"Clean it up sand , paint n varnish?" Trailer registerable
It must be moved in next few weeks,

Best offer over $350-00
For further details
Contact Mick Mezzino
0404 361 386
25/05/2016 / /2016

S&G Herons:

If you wish to inquire about the building of a "Stitch and Glue"style Heron,
a purpose built jig is now available from the Association (conditions apply)
Free with NHSAA membership
for bookings
Contact Ian Cole
M: 0438 844 974
or message phone : 8357 4202

Full Plans available from NHSAA
for advice and further details on plans and variations
Contact Richard on tba
or email

Building a Heron ?

Want to build a Ply Heron for yourself,
order forms available for plans for both the traditional and S&G Heron, see below for details on the Stitch and Glue version.
The 2011/12 2012/13 State Title winning boat was built using this method of construction!


‘MINTI’ sail number 5905 :

I have an unfinished plywood heron project to give away to somebody who is interested in finishing her off and of course sailing her; do you know of anyone?
She sits under a tarp on an unregistered trailer.
There are a couple sets of sails and all the bits and bobs to make her go again,
all for nothing to the right person.!!!
in Morphettville.
My contact details are:
Brian Hunter
0407 239 199

Your next project??:





. sold Contact on 04 0

T: 08 8
| Mob: 0 | E:


Want a new Gaff
Peter on .8258 5525



1 x set Immaculate Red Back sails.

Cam cleats Ronstan,

Asking $50-00 Contact Anthony
Anthony 0409 158 150 13/1/2012
Gaff timber.

Gaff was$180 now $100 (are 280-300 new)
Contact Anthony
0409 158 150


..positions available........
Want to learn about sailing in a great "family" class sailing dinghy?
Are you over 7yrs old , confident and can swim.!!!!
also be prepared to challenge Australia's best Heron Sailors

Contact the Publicity Officer

or phone SAHSA 8357 4202

"Sail a Heron forever"

or phone SAHSA 8357 4202

"Sail a Heron forever"

. ... .

SAILS: ....Notice..!!

When buying or selling a used set of sails,
please ensure at the very least the last digit is removed from the sail !
We see boats being presented for sale quoting the wrong NUMBERS.

A genuine heron usually has its rego number carved into the transom support beam. ( Starbord side looking Aft)
If in doubt just drop the Assocn a line.

Thank you.

Set of Heron sails
I am looking for a Heron mainsail for use on a dinghy I built (not a Heron).
It just needs to be in reasonable condition at a cheap price!
If any of your members have one they wish to clear out of their shed, could they please contact me at or phone 8356-7751.
Thanks, Rick Baker ________________________________________

Set of Heron sails


$---- -


WANTED Heron bits n pieces:



Trailers for Herons


Trailers wanted for sale
especially those "suitable to be cut down for heron trailer with beach trolley?"

Let us know 8357 4202

Trailer for Heron ---WANTED

Trailer wanted for a heron at least 4.25 ft wide between guards
especially one "suitable to be cut down to take a heron beach trolley?"
Contact Ian @ SAHSA 8357 4202


Want a new Gaff
Peter on .8258 5525

Wanted: Secondhand Sails !!

With new owners coming on stream, several will require resonable set of sails,
so if Your updating or have a spare set let us know and we'll put buyers incontact with you.

Remember it pays to communicate! please contact the Publicity Officer or phone 8357 4202

Wanted: Trailers !!

With new owners coming on stream, several will require trailers to cart the new boat around!
so ... Please let us know and we'll put buyers incontact with you.

Remember it pays to communicate! please contact the Publicity Officer or phone 8357 4202


Please contact:

Wanted , Wanted, Wanted

posted 16/2/2010

Hartley 1/2 cabin cruiser

- 4.5m Fibreglassed hull, (o/b)
Interior and frames excellent
Solid trailer (tilts)
offers wanted

Call 8357 4202


We/ve been SOLD:



Boats sold will only appear for short period.
9228 “ Warrego ”
10252 “Grey Pearl ” SOLD
10220 “Lost in Our Reflection ”

Well SA your too slow yet again, it's SOLD
and has gone interstate
updated / /2016 3/6/2016

10279 “Batmobile”

Well SA heroners we've missed out again


and its going / gone to Victoria! This boat was less than 1 yo and represented abt 75% in value of a brand new rig

7490 - " " ex


tba “One & One ”

SOLD 3/ 9/2015 23/ 3 /2016

9947 - "Isabella" ex

Well SA your not quick enough
and going to WA


updated 15 /4 /2016 12/3/2016

10264 - "The Avengers"

SOLD went interstate!

updated 28/1/2016 21/2/2016

Stargazer "9429 "

Well someone has got their Australia Day gift
SOLD . 14/1/2016, 26/1 /2016



Heron Handbook:

The Heron Handbook is available to order through the Registrar
National Heron Sailing Association.
Order form for Book and or comprehensive plans here Order Form
use the Membership form just for the Book (Full price) Please email Publicity Officer
or phone/fax SAHSA 8357 4202.


Heron Hats:

The Heron Hat helps you stand out in the crowd!
they are available through the
SA Heron Sailing Association.
Please email Publicity Officer
or phone/fax SAHSA 8357 4202.


HERON HISTORY Heron CD. of the 45th Nationals:

Sail a Heron Forever
100's of Pictures and the Movies of most heats, from the 45th Nationals!
Want to relive the 45th Nationals? Or just see some great Heron sailing! Want to see a National Champion in action and showing how to do a "Granny"? Missed out on coming to SA? or just see how THE others do it !!!
It would be a great gift!
The SAHSA has produced the CD with all the photos and movies (full length) that we recorded. Excellent value!!!! Interested? Well, fill in the order form and send it in with a cheque or money order and we will send you a copy!
Please email Publicity Officer........... or phone/fax SAHSA 8357 4202.


NEW Herons :

If you wish to inquire about new fibreglass Herons (MkII s3),
please contact the Publicity Officer, or

Dinghy Sports

Boats and foil repairs

YachtCraft . on 8382 7335

Fleet Products . on 8449 9753 or 0407 271 424 also new Mk11 s2 boats.

or email or call Brett on 0400 967 967

New Sails: available from:

Alegayter 8241 0880 web site :
Binks - KA 8294 6211
"Fleet Products" 0407 271 424
Clifton Sails .8294 9485
McPhee 0403 020 004
RED BACK "James Gough" ""

Aluminium Mast sections also used to make Booms

Yes, that is right, Aluminium booms are now permissible. Watch the national newsletter for further information on this new development.

The masts have been depleted replacement advice available soon from the association...

Contact SAHSA on 8357 4202 (Leave a message).


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